How to Look for Termites in Your Crawlspace

how to look for termites in your crawlspace

The last thing any homeowner wants to hear is that they have termites. Just the word “termite” invokes a sense of dread. That is not surprising considering that termites cause an estimated 30 billion dollars in property damage every year. Treating for termites can cost up to 1000 dollars, or more, and repairs to the structure can easily get into the thousands. We are especially vulnerable here in Richmond. We primarily build our homes over crawlspaces that are dark and humid. Crawlspaces can allow termites to turn your structure into a smorgasbord without detection. Preventing termites can be difficult, but preventing them from doing significant damage is really not that hard most home owners. Either check your crawlspace often, or have a professional do it. We do this every single day. It’s not so bad. Heres a quick video on some tips for inspecting for termites in your crawlspace.