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Have some questions first? Let’s see if we can answer your questions in this FAQ

  1. How much does an inspection cost?  It depends. The size of the home, it’s age, and any additional services such as thermal imaging, or radon testing all factor into the final price. A stand alone inspection is generally $400-$600
  2. What is covered in the inspection? You can see what our inspection includes here.
  3. How long will the inspection take? We generally use two inspectors per inspection, and they take about 1.5-2 hours. Make sure you ask how many inspectors will be at your inspection.
  4. Do you check for asbestos? A home inspection does not include any environmental testing for substances such as asbestos, mold, lead, meth residue etc. However, if we suspect any materials in the home are harmful, we will report that and recommend further investigation or testing.
  5. Do you use one of those “x-ray guns” that sees in the walls? For an additional fee, you can enhance your inspection with thermal imaging scan. It does not see through the walls, but it can see infrared radiation, that creates thermal signatures that we can analyze to help find otherwise invisible defects.
  6. Will you walk on the roof? We walk all roofs that safe and accessible.