Our Differences Benefit You

Of course, we are licensed, insured, and thorough. Our inspectors are professional and friendly, and send the reports shortly after the inspection. We have the basics covered.  So, what makes us different?

veteran owned home inspection company

Veteran Owned

Opting for a veteran-owned and operated business isn’t just a smart choice; it’s a statement of values. You’ll enjoy top-notch products and services backed by the discipline and dedication of our servicemen and women. Plus, it’s your chance to support those who’ve defended our nation while indulging in excellence – a choice that’s as impactful as it is rewarding.

code certified home inspector

Code Certified Residential Building Inspector

Home inspections ARE NOT code inspections. However, An ICC Residential Building Inspector is responsible for performing inspections of structures to determine compliance with the various Building Codes and Standards adopted by his / her jurisdiction.

For you, this just means your reports will have more facts and fewer opinions. 

home inspection report highlights

Positive Upgrades and Features

For the most part, home inspection reports are long lists of negative aspects of the home. But, they’re supposed to convey the overall condition of the home – which can include positive upgrades and features.

So, our reports have a separate summary for new roofs, new HVAC systems, updated appliances or windows, etc.

We believe home inspections should be informative and empowering and that means listing the good stuff too.

We See More

All of our inspectors are trained and certified in the use of infrared cameras. This helps us find thermal anomalies that could mean water, pests, electrical hazards, and other defects.

If you really want to protect yourself or your clients, from unpleasant surprises, then thermal imaging at the inspection is a massive step in that direction.

Just The FACTS

“Just the facts” is our report writing mantra. We deliver a powerful report that’s short on purpose.

The home inspection period is short and buyers don’t really have time to digest 80-page reports and filter out what’s important.

Likewise, every comment is carefully crafted to convey just the facts of the situation, its impact to you (if not apparent), and our recommendation.

infinity home inspections

We Like Fun!

I like to think a little fun is important for every job. Happy employees perform better. Plus, happy and friendly inspectors can brighten up what is sometimes a nervewracking experience.