Which Cordless Tool Brand is Best For you? (2022 Quiz)

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Created by Juan Jimenez

What Cordless Tool Brand Are You?

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How often do you use your tools?

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How often do you repurpose your tools as hammers

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Do you prefer to shop at Walmart, or Target?

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When you watch sports do you root for your favorite team, or the team wearing your favorite color?

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When you fix something, is it Instagram worth, or is it more like a "nailed it" meme? (will it come up when your house gets inspected?)

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When shopping online, do you filter results by cheapest, most expensive, or whats on sale?

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You enjoy demolition ________ repairs

Picking a cordless power tools brand is a huge commitment. There are so many different brands, and product lines that can make it overwhelming. The battery packs are very expensive and they’re not interchangeable, so once you pick up one of the many combo kits, you’re kind of stuck with that brand. The internet is inundated with articles about the best brands, and and which tools have better performance, or best value. They have best drill competitions where they drill feet long screws into huge chunks of wood. I’m guessing you won’t be drilling anything into any chunks of wood anytime soon. Here is the TRUTH: The best tools are the ones that fit your needs the best!

We don’t all need high quality brushless motors , with endless battery life, 27 speed settings, and a lifetime limited warranty that promises to stand up to the rigors of a busy construction site. We aren’t all professional contractors, or construction workers. Some of us just want some basic tools for simple home renovations that last a long time, and for reasonable prices. Maybe you are somewhere in the middle and you need high quality tools for tough jobs and tight spaces. That’s why I made the simple 7 question quiz to help you pick the best brand for you. It’s kind of fun, but surprisingly accurate.

You might be sold on one of the popular brands already. That’s fine. If it’s working for you, don’t switch.

Let’s cover a few things first though if you are new to tools.

What is a Brushless Tool, or Brushless Motor?

I want to keep this as simple as possible. If you’re here, you may not be too familiar with tools. Brushless tools (have no brushes) adjust their speed, power, and torque to the job you’re doing. This translates to more efficiency, and longer life. The are often lighter and smaller and don’t require maintenance. The downside is that they cost more. If you do infrequent, small household jobs, you may never see the value of a brushless motor. Most of the best power tool brands carry both brushless and and motors with brushes. Which every brand you choose, or that the quiz chooses for you, just get what you need.which tool brand is best for you 2021 quiz

Impact Drill Vs Power Drill

Impact drills, also known as impact drivers are for..impacting. They need special impact rated bits and they’re for larger tasks like drilling through heavy metal, or installing a fat lag screw. Power drills, or cordless drills are what you are probably more familiar with. They are for drilling smaller holes through soft wood, or even larger holes in softer materials like drywall. If you are new to tools, I would just start out with a regular power drill.

The Right Blade Matters

which tool brand is best for you 2021 quizEven the best power tools will perform poorly if you do not have the correct blade, bit, or attachments. And lower end tools perform better with high quality blades and bits. Don’t make the mistake of buying excellent tools and skimping on the blades and bits over a good deal. I am huge fan of the Diablo-Freud Blades and Bits.

Which Power Tool Sets are made in the United States?

Stanley Black and Decker Brand (SBD) makes many of their tools in the US. They have 49 facilities in the US and over 17,000 employees. SBD includes Craftsman Tool, Dewalt Brand, Porter Cable and more. If the most important thing to you is supporting American Companies, then that makes choosing a lot easier.

Other Considerations

What kind of work do you do? The top power tool brands generally have power drills, work lights, power source, and lithium-ion batteries. Do you need a cordless circular saw? How about outdoor equipment like chain saws, lawn mowers or weed eaters? Need any specialized tools like borescopes, or infrared imagers? Some brands prioritize having the best power tool sets, and other brands prioritize a more wide variety of tools. Make sure the tool collection of the brand you choose has everything you need so you can avoid needing multiple batteries and chargers.

What do I use?

I use the Dewalt 20v max cordless system. I use my tools a lot and I am total jerk to them. I leave them out in the rain sometimes, I use them as hammers, and just overall treat them horribly. They never give up on me though which is more than I can say about most of my friends. Plus, their batteries are backwards compatible. I can use the heavy duty 60v li-ion batteries on my 20v tools. Plus, as noted above, they are made in America which pretty much seals the deal for me.

It is worth mentioning that I have a few Milwaukee m12 system tool holdovers from my early years. These are very underwhelming in power, and not take the abuse I give them. That being said, they’re still kicking (barely) and I use them from time to time. They are more suited for simple home DIY’ers.

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