How to Unclog Your Tub and Replace the Tub Drain

In case you break it like I did

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The drain pipes are your home are designed for water, bodily waste, and some grinded organic food scraps. But we abuse them with hair, grease, paper towels, and once I had to fish out a Handy Manny saw toy from the toilet trap. This can cause slow draining sink, tubs full of water, and showers with standing water.

how to unclog a tub drainhow to unclog a tub drain

There are lots of simple remedies for clogged drains like baking soda, or using a plunger. There are also chemicals you can pour down the drain which I am not a huge fan of, and would do nothing against Handy Manny’s tools. Not to mention, I enjoy any opportunity to buy a new tool.  I picked up this drain auger that attaches to a drill and it worked like a charm.

I actually broke the tub drain which is a plus for you because I figured out a way to replace it without buying the $20 tub drain removal tool that I would never use again.

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The Drain Auger Can be Found Here