Odor Removal and Control in Richmond

chris gilson is the premier odor removal expert in richmond

If you are looking for odor removal services in the Richmond area, and Central Virginia area, Chris Gilson, from Re-Freshen is the only man you need to call. Chris has been removing unpleasant odors for grossed out homeowners since 2009. His years of experience in tough odors, odor removal, and odor control have made him one of the premier odor removal experts in the area, if not the world.

How Did He Find His Passion for Odor Issues

Chris never meant to get into the odor business. His daughter was having severe allergy issues in their home. She was going through boxes of tissues and Chris felt helpless. He spent considerable time researching allergens and indoor air quality, and found a treatment regimen he thought would help his daughter.

Chris went to work treating his attic, and his daughters room and had great results. Not only were his daughters allergy symptoms much better, his house smelled great.

There was a vacant foreclosure across the street from his house that had been sitting for a long period, and had a musty odor. Whenever Chris saw an agent show the property, he walked over and offered his services. One of the Realtors who Chris gave his card hired him for three properties and Re-Freshen was born.

What Odor Problems Can He Solve?

Most of his calls are for pet urine odor, and cigarette smoke odor. However, Chris has taken care of everything from lingering curry odors, to dead body odors. Yes, dead human bodies…but he does not remove the lingering bodies.

His company has grown from odor removal to whole house environmental health and fresh air expertise.

Chris tackles:

Pet Odor Removal

Cigarette Odor Removal

Odor Investigations

Mold Inspection

Indoor Allergen Screen Testing

Sewage Bacteria Testing

VOC Testing

Smoke and Fire Testing

Hoarder Clean Up

and more.

Room full of cat litter is breeding ground for odors

What is his Odor Removal Secret?

Chris is a wizard and mostly uses magic, but he does a have an alternative effective method as well.

The first step in any effective odor removal service is to identify the source of the odor. Chris’ years of experience has made hunting odors second nature. He has the tools (thermal imagers, moisture meters, etc) and expertise to find hidden pet stains, water damage, and any other affected area that may be contributing to the smell.

He then uses an OZONE cleaning solution, probiotics and specialized delivery tools to clean the air and room surfaces of harmful bacteria, mold and allergens, and of course remove the odors.

His precision testing can find mold spores, mold growth, allergens, insect feces, pet dander and dozens of other air particulate contaminants that may be affecting not only the smell of the house, but the overall indoor air quality.

Chris maintains his integrity by using and recommending third parties for additional services that you may need.

For example Chris only tests and inspects for mold, but will not perform the mold removal. He can find the pet waste and urine stains in your carpet, or carpet padding, but does not do the carpet cleaning, or carpet replacement.

This means you can trust that when Chris recommends additional services, you actually need them, as he is not profiting from them. You just get honest, non-chemical and non-toxic solutions to improved indoor air quality, and relief for your olfactory senses.

He Guarantees His Odor Removal

Chris knows he does a fantastic job and he guarantees it. If the odor in question isn’t gone, he will come back and retreat the area for no extra charge. So if you need to get rid of a smell, you can call Chris with Peace of mind that it’s going to get taken care of.

Odor Removal Tips From Chris

Chris has some tips for preventing stagnant odors and improving your indoor air quality

  1. Be vigilant about changing your HVAC filters. (Here is our guide for choosing the best HVAC filters)
  2. Clutter will affect your indoor air quality. Keep your house clean and decluttered
  3. Make sure your gutters are clean and working. Damaged or ineffective gutters can cause moisture and mold in your basement, or crawlspace. (Gutters can only be fully checked when its raining)
  4. Check and clean behind your dryer monthly. Holes in the dryer duct and dirt behind the dryer can affect your indoor air quality.
  5. Leave your HVAC system running when you go on vacation. Stagnant humid air creates a muggy home that encourage mold growth
  6. Don’t burn cheap candles. The combustion byproducts can be very allergenic .
  7. Bleach doesn’t kill mold. If you have mold, you need professional inspections and remediation.

For regular Odor and Allergen Control Chris Recommends Pure Bioticsregular healthy odor removal