Best Black Friday Deals For Home Inspectors

home inspector black friday deals

We’ve compiled the best Black Friday deals for home inspectors in one place.  We searched high and low for deals on things that will actually help your business. Enjoy!

The SeekShot Pro is the best thermal camera for home inspectors. With 320×240 thermal resolution, wifi streaming to your smart phone, software blending with visual light images, and the ridiculously affordable price, this camera is suited for home inspectors to better serve their clients and make more money!

Take advantage of the Black Friday Deal on the SeekShot Pro

Sewer cameras are a great way for home inspectors to better serve their clients, make money, and avoid complaints about the sewer line later. My favorite features of the ProBuilt Sewer Cameras are the fact that they are powered by readily available Dewalt batteries; that they come in 150 feet lengths, and that the stream wirelessly streams to your smart phone.

We use dewalt cordless tools for our home inspections, so we love the compatibility with tools we are already using.

We have found that 100 feet can be too short sometimes, and that 200 feet is too much. 150 is the perfect length!

If you use smart phones to do your report, streaming the sewer scope video to your phone allows you to add the photos to your report seamlessly.

pro built sewer scope black Frida

Tons of Deals at Home Inspector Pro

The best home inspection software on the market

Dominic Maricic and his team at Home Inspector work tirelessly to continually upgrade the already best home inspection software on the market.

They currently have Black Friday deals on the subscriptions, packages, upgrades and more!

Check out all of their Black Friday Deals!

home inspector pro Black Friday deals

Continuous Radon Monitor $715!

NRPP and NRSB Certified

The Ecosense Radon Eye Pro is arguably one of the best CRM’s for home inspectors. Its light, rugged, connects to your phone via Bluetooth and automatically creates your reports for you.

The only downside is that it uses rechargeable batteries that don’t last long. For the price, you can easily add several Radon monitors to your business.

Check out the Black Friday Deal on the Radon Eye Pro

radon eye pro for home inspectors
Black Friday radon eye pro

$400 of Corentium Pro Radon Monitor!

Regularly $1299. Now $899!

Like all major CRM’s the Corentium Pro connects to your phone via bluetooth, automatically generates reports, and is very reliable. My favorite feature of the Corentium Pro is that 3 triple A batteries that last one year.

The major cons of the Corentium Pro are that you can only use Corentium to calibrate it, and they are extremely prone to failing calibration requiring you to purchase new ones more often.

Take advantage of the Best Black Friday Deal they have ever offered.

Little Giant Ladders are a staple amongst home inspectors. Although I primarily use extension ladders, and xtend and climb ladders now, my first ladder was a 17ft Little Giant Ladder. I have had it for 10 years and it still works great.

little giant black friday

Early in my career I heard Kenton Sheppard say that the more comfortable you are, the better you can perform your home inspection. He was talking about safety gear in the crawlspace, but it applies everywhere. When I am cold, and can’t wait to get inside, my inspection is going to suffer. That’s why I invested in a Dewalt heated jacket. Like I said above, I use dewalt so that all my batteries are compatible with all my tools.

That being said, there is no Black Friday Sale on a Dewalt heated jacket.

This Kabcon heated jacket battery lasts long enough for a full day of inspections and is highly rated on Amazon.

As a home inspector, you’re on a never ending journey for continuing education…and the best flashlights. Olight is one of the premium brands of rugged, and tactical flashlights.

GVS makes the perfect respirators for home inspectors. They are low profile giving you the protection you need, without compromising your agility in a crawlspace.

DEWALT Black Friday!!

Tons of Black Friday Deals

Dewalt has a litany of Black Friday Deals available. From tool bags, batteries, drills, and more, they may have something you need. If you get the Pro Built Sewer Camera, of Dewalt Heated Jacket, make you sure stack up on Dewalt Batteries!

Check out the Dewalt Black Friday Deals

15% OFF Many Fluke Products!

Tons of Black Friday Deals

Fluke is offering 15% off on many of its products. Time to add to your home inspector tool box!

Check out the Fluke Black Friday Deals

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