4 Window Salesman Secrets

That They Don’t Want You to Know

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The title of “most slimy salesman” has shifted from zealous car salesmen, to the  dreaded window peddlers.  There are of course good and honest window salesman, but over bearing, pushy, and unethical ones have plagued the industry. You have companies in Richmond, that barge into your home at sunset and stay long past an appropriate hour while holding your night ransom in exchange for the sale. This is of course after they perfectly execute a bait and switch. Don’t feel bad, they are experts at deceit. Without further ado, we 4 present secrets that window salesman don’t want you to know.

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1. You can’t get a new window installed for $189. Many remodeling companies have flyers that reach our Richmond mailboxes fairly frequently that advertise cheap window replacements. Advertising $189 for a replacement window is almost always a bait and switch. The cheapest double pane windows are priced at about $125. If you find a contractor willing to arrive at your home, remove your old window, install a $125 window, install trim, apply caulk, and then dispose of the old window for a gross profit of $64, call us and let us know. We want to meet him. When you factor in the contractors other costs, his net profit would probably be around $2. You aren’t going to get a window installed for $189, but that doesn’t stop window salesman from advertising that price. Read on to see what you can expect to pay.

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2. You don’t need to pay $1000-$1500 per window. Those unscrupulous, shameless conman will have you believe that you are getting a deal at $1000-$1500 per window (after advertising them for much cheaper). There is absolutely no reason to pay that much for your standard double pane window. They may even tell you that if you sign the contract that day (in the middle of the night while they are still intruding in your home) that they will cut you a deal for $950 a window. Only a custom, very large specialty window should come close to that price. You can expect to pay around $300-$600 per window. They may justify the price by claiming 40% energy savings, but that isn’t true either. Read on.

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3. You really aren’t going to save much energy. 5 different companies recently settled with the FTC to stop making exaggerated claims when advertising the energy savings of their replacement windows. Energy Star estimates that in Richmond, if you replaced all of your old single pane windows, you will save approximately $200 a year based on typical sized homes such as a 1700 square foot ranch, or a 2600 square foot two floor home. These homes can have 15-30 windows. That means every year and half, you would have offset the cost of about 1 window if you are lucky. If your window salesman says you can make your money back in savings in a year or two, just show him to the door.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace your windows. Replacing your windows may increase the value of your home, but you should discuss that further with a Realtor.

4. You can refinish your old windows. Your crummy window salesman can squirm and kick as much as he wants to refute this one, but its true. I wish I had known this years ago. If you are handy, adventurous, and care about the environment, you can refinish your old windows. The “Old House Authority” says “Repairing, rather than replacing, wood windows is most likely to be the “greener option” and a more sustainable building practice” Here is a great video on how you can do this yourself.