DPOR Requires College Degree for Realtors

dpor requires colledge degree for realtors

DPOR Virginia (Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation) will require real estate agents to have at least a Bachelor’s degree beginning July 1, 2023. The move comes as a shock considering most Realtors recall that they only learn that an acre is 43,560 sqft to get licensed.

Senator Neil sponsored the bill after his own agonizing experience buying a home. He assumed his Realtor was a licensed therapist after she counseled him through several rejected offers. Additionally, Senator Neil explained the process was taking a toll on his marriage. Without the marriage counseling sessions from his Realtor, he’s not sure where they would be today. Although he’s grateful, he later realized she was acting as an unlicensed mental health provider.

A Troubling Trend

Neil became worried when his friends and family shared similar stories. His sister-in-law’s Realtor was acting as an unlicensed therapist. Apparently, his sister-in-law (Amy) had moved due to a nasty divorce. By the end of the transaction, Amy’s Realtor knew all the intricate details of her relationship and divorce. In fact, Amy’s actual therapist reached out to her Realtor when she struggled to get Amy to open up.

Not only did she offer what seemed like endless counseling, but she also offered credit repair advice and small business advice and even prayed for her client.

Neil’s sister-in-law not only lives in her dream home, but she’s also a thriving single mom with good credit and a flourishing small business.

Broker Requirements

The law also expands the requirements for brokers. In addition to needing a bachelor’s degree, Real Estate brokers will need to be certified in substance abuse therapy. However, in lieu of this requirement, Brokers can educate agents not to use Rocket Mortgage. This move alone would cut down Realtor substance abuse by 67 percent.

Although not mentioned in the new law, not recommending home inspectors who write 80-page inspection reports can also reduce Realtor burnout and unhealthy coping methods.

Although Neil struggled with moving forward with his bill, he ultimately decided to when he thought about all the situations Realtors contend with. From dealing with adult children inheriting their childhood home or couples realizing mid-showing that they haven’t discussed having children.

Real Estate Training

All jokes aside, if you want to get your Real Estate License in Virginia, check out the Mosely Flint Schools of Real Estate. They offer the education courses you need to pass the real estate license exam and start your real estate career.

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