How To Tell Bat Poop From Mouse Poop

Some days I think I should have been featured on an episode of Mike Rowes Dirty Jobs. During our home inspections, it is not uncommon to find guano in the attic. Guano is the technical name for bat poop. It’s also not uncommon for us to find mouse poop. In some instances, we we will find both.

If you do find some droppings in your attic, you may be wondering what animal left them behind. Do you have mice or bats?  After all, guano can cause histoplasmosis which is a disease that effects the lungs. Here is a video on how to distinguish mouse poop from bat poop.

Bat poop also tends to be in large piles where as mouse poop tends to be more spread out. Here are some bat poop photos.

How to Clean Up Bat Poop?

Bat poop is toxic to humans. You should not just try to vacuum it up and call it a day. Bat poop should be professionally removed and the area should be sanitized. A professional cleaning usually involves hazmat suits, hepa filters, carefully removing and disposing effected items such as insulation, and sanitizing the effected areas. Call a professional such as the Virginia Bat Pros