Monster Free Guarantee

The Monster Free Guarantee

richmond home inspectorMoving is tough, and it can be hard on children too.  My son sleeps soundly in his own bed every night, but when we visit friends, or family, he is petrified of the dark. New homes with unfamiliar spaces and new bumps in the night can have your kids wondering what kind of monster is under their bed. We have kids too, so we get it. That’s why we are offering the Monster Free Guarantee.  If you’d like, feel free to bring your children to your home inspection. We can inspect under the beds, under the stairs, in the closets, in the attics, and of course, in the basement, and make sure there aren’t any monsters. We’ll give your child a certificate and friendly monster toy. Sometimes us parents need to be creative to calm our kids fears. This is just another way for us to serve you and your family, and we hope it helps your children make the transition from house to home.


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