Prime Day Deals For Home Inspectors

prime day deals for home inspectors

Prime day deals are usually underwhelming, especially for home inspectors. The deals have improved over the years, but they’re still primarily light bulbs, Amazon products, and Chinese knock-offs. However, I scoured the site looking for the best prime day deals for home inspectors. There are actually some pretty good deals this year. 


Prime Day Thermal Imaging Deals For Home Inspectors

Thermal imaging is an excellent add-on for home inspectors. You make additional revenue by charging extra for the service or by getting more inspections by including it with every inspection. FLIR has some great Prime Day deals this year on thermal imagers.

Unfortunately, the best thermal imager for home inspectors is not on sale this year.

FLIR ONE Pro – iOS – Professional Grade Thermal Camera for Home Inspectors

Prime Day Deal – 34% off

prime day on thermal imager for home inspectors

FLIR E8-XT – Handheld Infrared Camera – with Extended Temperature Range, MSX Image Enhancement Technology, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth for Instant Data Sharing – (320 x 240)

Prime Day Deal – Save 34% ($1104)

prime day deal on thermal imager for home inspectors

FLIR C5 Thermal Imaging Camera with WiFi – Handheld, High Resolution

Prime Day Deal – Save 35% ($269)

prime day deal thermal imager for home inspectors

Prime Day Deals on Specialty Tools For Home Inspectors

Technically, a home inspector only needs a flashlight and receptacle tester to complete a home inspection. However, most of us take pride in our jobs and invest in specialty tools such as gas detectors, non-contact voltage detectors, and infrared thermometers.

I love the electrical tester below for testing electric heat kits, 240v receptacles, and confirming defects found with my receptacle tester.

Here are the best Prime-day deals on specialty tools for home inspectors.

Fluke Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Prime Day Deal – Save 30% ($12)

prime deal day on non contact voltage detector

Fluke 59 Max+ Infrared Thermometer

Prime Day Deal – Save 28% ($33)

prime day deal on infrared thermometer

Fluke T5600 Electrical Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester

Prime Day Deal – Save 24% ($37)

prime day deal on electric tester for home inspectors

Amprobe Gas Leak Detector

Prime Day Deal – Save 35% ($86)

prime day deal on gas detector for home inspectors

Prime Day Deals on Flashlights and Ladders for Home Inspectors

Little Giant ladders are probably the ladder of choice for most home inspectors. As far as I can tell, there is only one model on sale this year. OLIGHT has tons of premium flashlights on sale this year.

Little Giant 22ft Ladder

Prime Day Deal – Save 34% ($130)

prime day deal on ladder for home inspectors

OLGIGHT 1750 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

Prime Day Deal – Save 20% ($18)

prime day deal on flashing for home inspectors

OLIGHT 2500 Lumen Rechargeable Head Lamp

Prime Day Deal – Save 30% ($27)

prime day deals on head lamp for home inspector

Prime Day Deals on Cordless Drills

You may not think of cordless drills as a tool for home inspectors. However, cordless drills save me a lot of time opening electrical panels, attic and crawlspace access panels, and HVAC panels. You can definitely get by with a screwdriver, but time is money.

Plus, I use the same Dewalt batteries for my flashlights, shop vac, and even my sewer scope.

Dewalt 20v Max Cordless Drill

Prime Day Deal – Save 49% ($96)

prime day deal on cordless drills

Makita Cordless Drill

Prime Day Deal – Save 58% ($115)

prime day deal on cordless drill

Prime Day Deals on Safety, Bags, and MISC for Home Inspectors

And here is the Barney Bag of Prime Day Deals. I definitely snagged some booties and coverall suits.


Prime Day Deal – Save 15% ($5)

prime day deal on repsirator

CLC Open Top Tool Bag

Prime Day Deal – Save 39% ($50)

prime day deal on tool bags

Carhartt Legacy Toolbag

Prime Day Deal – Save 25% ($25)

prime day deals on tool bags

KleenGuard Coveralls – Better than Tyvek

Prime Day Deal – Save 22% ($30)

prime day deals on coveralls

Waterproof Disposable Booties

Prime Day Deal – Save 50% ($10)

prime day deal on booties

Fluke Professional Tool Backpack

Prime Day Deal – Save 27% ($60)

prime day deal on backpacks

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