Should You Test your Richmond Apartment for Radon?

Testing for Radon in Richmond Apartments

It is not uncommon for tenants of apartment buildings to ask us whether or not their unit should be tested for Radon. The simple answer is yes. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US.  If you smoke, and you are exposed to high levels of Radon, your chances for getting lung cancer are significantly increased.  Radon is a problem in Richmond, and high concentrations can be found in all buildings including apartment buildings. If you are concerned about your exposure to Radon, the first step is to ask your landlord if the building has been tested for Radon. If not, you can see if they are willing to have the whole building tested for radon.

If your landlord has not, and is unwilling to test your building for Radon, it would be prudent to get your own unit tested.  High concentrations of radon have been detected in all floors of high rise apartment buildings. Radon tests are a cost effective way to determine your exposure. If you want us to perform a Radon test in your apartment, call us at 804-269-4321.

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