When It Rains, It’s Time to Inspect Your House

A lot of contractors and professionals agree that water is the homes number one enemy. I happen to think it’s homeowners, but that is another story. Water can be deleterious to your home, and that’s why it’s a good idea to inspect a few areas of your home when it rains. Certain defects only present themselves in certain weather conditions and rain is one of them. There are four things I want you to check the next time it rains. As of this writing, there is 100 percent chance of rain in Chesterfield tomorrow, so lets get started.

Your Crawlspace

crawlspace floods when it rains

I have personally performed inspections where one day the crawlspace looks clean and dry and then upon arrival at a later date, it is completely flooded. Over time, water in the crawlspace can cause mold, encourage termite and pest activity, and lead to expensive structural damage. The next time there is heavy rain, inspect your crawlspace. Check for standing water, or muddy areas. Frogs are usually a harbinger of a wet crawlspace.

Your Attic

leak in the attic

Sometimes your roof leaks and it causes a massive water intrusion, lots of staining, disgusting mold, and tons of headaches. Sometimes, it’s a small leak making its impact more slowly. The result will be the same if its not caught and addressed. You’d be surprised how many roof leaks I have seen during inspections that have no evidence. Not even a stain. The only reason I caught them was because it was raining. The next time it rains, spend some quality time in your attic looking and listening for leaks.

Your Gutters

dirty and overflowing gutters

Your gutters are supposed to collect roof water, and then drain into a downspout that directs the water away from your foundation. Fully gutters just dump that water right at the foundation. Concentrated water near the foundation can create erosion, ponding, and eventually compromise the foundation. To put that in perspective, the condo in Florida collapsed from decades of water intrusion coming from the pool deck. Make sure your gutters are performing well during a rain storm.

Your Yard

check your yard for flooding

I think at this point its clear that water exposure, especially over long periods of time can cause significant damage to your home. The yard is often an overlooked area in the fight against water damage. Generally, if I see a flooded yard during a home inspection, its almost certainly going to be a wet and moldy crawlspace. Standing water can also attract mosquitoes and other pests to your yard. Make sure you check for puddles of water during and after a rain storm.